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Steak to the Heart

Presenting… Steak to the Heart! A senior short film concerning Olive the werewolf and Trevor the vampire dealing with their quirks on a first date. Created by some stupendous monsters at DigiPen Institute of Technology. BONE APPETIT!



Orientation Center for the Unseen 

Orientation Center for the Unseen is an PSA styled story about helping Ted through an awkward stage in life that we all have to face: death. 

As one of four volunteer undergrads for an MFA thesis project at DigiPen Institute of Technology, OCU has been a blast to work on!

Care for our World

software: Spine, Unity

platform: iPad

"Do You Know" Dialogue

rig: Norman

software: Maya

audio: Back to the Future



"GutterBall" Short

model: me

rig: abAutoRig

software: Maya


"The Only Thing" Dialogue

rig: Norman

software: Maya

audio: American Horror Story


rig: Stewart 

software: Maya

Sword Attack

rig: Stewart 

software: Maya


software: Maya


rig: Koko 

software: Maya


Olive Character Rig 

model: Kelsey Canaga 

software: Maya

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